The second week of August is the start date for the third Sunday in August and, as previously stated, prices drop to near their lowest levels during this period. (With the exception of Labor Day weekend.) From then until early October, costs increase by only a small amount. These prices are technically higher than those offered over the winter months of January and February. As previously said, this can be amplified by price hikes on tickets, food, and other services

However, discounts that are more typical during the fall off-season can help a lot. Free Dining is still the biggest one here, though not even the standard Disney Dining Plan has returned yet, so there’s a lot of uncertainty for late Summer and Fall 2023. If Free Dining does return next year, it will most likely be reserved for the entire month of October. However, if Free Dining reverts back in 2019, August and September 2023 would certainly leapfrog January and February 2023 for some families.