Even within the various levels of holidays we’ve calculated for the hypothetical family of four, there’s a significant difference in price between them. We thought it was worth noting…

Frugal: $2,195.65

Value: $3,683.74

Moderate: $4,816.55

Deluxe: $7,431.33

Pricing for on-site hotels is based on mid-May 2022, when rates are at their standard levels. If you visit in September 2022, rack prices will be lower, and you may score some outstanding discounts (including Free Dining during non-Easter years). Easter 2022 is the exception; if you go then, you’ll almost certainly pay a lot more.

Regardless of what your actual costs appear to be when you crunch the numbers, it’s always a good idea to build a 15-20% cushion into the budget for unforeseen expenses–that’s a savvy move with travel in general, regardless of the destination.