Moderate: For the sake of simplicity, we’re going to assume the average family would be inclined to purchase the regular Disney Dining Plan if it were available, and that its prior list price would be roughly analogous to what they’d spend on doing a counter service meal, table service meal, and snacks each day in 2022. Of course, price increases are likely in the intervening two years, but as we noted above, paying out of pocket is usually cheaper than doing the DDP. In other words, the two countervailing factors should net each other out. Ballpark cost: $1,085.

Deluxe: We’ll keep things simple and compare the Disney Dining Plan Deluxe DDP to the baseline Disney Dining Plan. This is basically the “all-inclusive” form of the Disney Dining Plan. (Not really, but it ends up being that way for most since it has a lot more food than most people can consume on vacation.) You may do as many table service meals, character dining, and even Signature Restaurants as you like with this plan—and schedule time for it. Ballpark cost: $1,665.