Value: For those seeking the genuine “resort” experience at Walt Disney World, this is a great place to start. The rack rates for the Value Resorts at Walt Disney World vary from $118 to $307 per night throughout the year (excluding peak season dates). The costlier your travel date, the more popular it is. Total cost: $1,084.50 after taxes and fees.

Moderate: The Value Resorts are similar to the Value Resorts above, with one exception: the middle level of on-site Disney hotels. For most of the year, rack rates for these properties will range from about $248 to $324 per night (excluding peak season dates). The more popular your vacation date, the higher the rates. Total cost: $1,437.75 after taxes and fees.

Deluxe: The most noteworthy difference between the off-site and on-site Walt Disney World Deluxe Resorts is their price. It will set you back $425 just to gain admittance, but prices quickly rise from there. Regular season rack rates at Wilderness Lodge begin at $555 per night. By contrast, regular season rates at the Grand Floridian start at $857 per night. From there, costs may climb dramatically. Total cost: $3,233.25 after taxes and fees.