frugal: There’s no way to go entirely off-site for the cheapest rates, but fortunately, the Orlando area has a lot of hotels that bring down the price. For example, there are frequently 3.5 star and above hotels in the Lake Buena Vista or Disney Springs areas for around $75/night when Hotwire uses its Hot Rate option for various dates.

There are several less expensive hotels elsewhere with lower ratings or farther from the parks, but I believe this is a suitable balance in terms of quality and proximity. Some shady hotels can be found in the Orlando area, Florida Project is more real than it is fantastic – so spend a little bit extra if you want to avoid that. Total cost: $459.03 after taxes & fees.

With the frugal option, you must first decide whether or not to take advantage of free shuttles offered by third-party or off-site hotels. This implies that if you choose to stay in the cheap alternative, transportation costs will almost certainly be more than those in the higher tiers, whether it’s for a car and parking or twice-daily Uber and Lyft fares. It isn’t insignificant, and depending on when you visit, it might add $40 to $100 to your accommodation expenses. The only reason we’re not taking it into account here is because it’s so unpredictable.