Many of you were probably a bit taken aback when you saw the cost of the ‘frugal’ option, shocked that it was so high. Perhaps you were also surprised that the longer duration tickets were comparatively lower in price per day. That’s the thing about Walt Disney World tickets: the per day cost decreases the longer you stay. (Of course, accommodations, dining, transportation and overall costs increase with a longer trip, so they get you one way or another!)

For example, the total cost of a 10-day base ticket for this family would be $2,337.56, the basic plan, which is right on par with the average option and less than the deluxe option above, will cost around $69 per day. The expense of tickets may come as a shock, especially if you’re going for just a few days. This makes the relative value of a 7-10 day Walt Disney World holiday superior to a 3-day jaunt.


The cost of your hotel is the single biggest variable in a Walt Disney World vacation, with prices ranging from $30/night for an off-site hotel on I-Drive to over $1,000 for luxury accommodations that are on-site and near the Walt Disney World theme parks. Let’s take a look at the different options…