Moderate: A 5-day Park Hopper ticket is required for this option, and it costs $60 more than a 3-Day Park Hopper ticket. This steps up to 5-day Park Hopper passes, allowing the family to take advantage of park operating hours (for example, going to Magic Kingdom and remaining until closing at Animal Kingdom when that park closes early). Total cost: $2,293.80.

Deluxe: The 5-Day Park Hopper Plus with Genie+ service is the Cadillac of park tickets, with this one leveling up to it. This is a wonderful ticket for a 7-10 day excursion, but there’s plenty to do in the four theme parks and other areas of Walt Disney World without adding the “Plus” option for a 5-day stay. Furthermore, we do not suggest using Genie+ at every park or every day. For those who like to make it rain like Disney would, this is an alternative for a 5-day trip.

Total cost: $2,533.08.