Expectations versus reality for park ticket prices can vary significantly when considering the steep price hikes that have occurred for many years, with the cost of a 1-day Magic Kingdom ticket tripling since 2004. This isn’t much of a surprise, especially among infrequent tourists who last went when tickets were more affordable. Note that all demographics are following our Tips for Saving Money on Walt Disney World Tickets, therefore we’re not factoring in gate costs.

Frugal: For this category (we’ll call it “frugal”), we’re going for three-day base tickets without the Park Hopper option. The rest of the vacation, the family will enjoy some of Disney World’s free activities, including shopping at Disney Springs and visiting the Boardwalk.. Total cost: $1,436.62.

Value: At this level, the family receives five days of base tickets, allowing them to enjoy each day in the parks. Because the additional cost of park tickets decreases over longer stays, the difference isn’t as big as you might think. Total cost: $1,999.24.