In an abrupt nutshell: a Walt Disney World trip is a costly experience. It’s undeniable that Walt Disney World vacation costs have risen significantly in the last decade, and this trend appears to be here to stay. In fact, pent-up demand, labor shortages, price rises, and a dearth of discounts indicate that visiting Walt Disney World in 2022 will be more expensive than ever before.

Walt Disney World is a pricey vacation spot, and it’s unquestionably considered a luxury getaway destination. Of course, any travel expenditures are relative to one another. A family of four may visit one of the United States’ National Parks for $20 and pay an entrance fee for the entire car for a week.

We’ve done it before as National Park enthusiasts, and we highly recommend it—one of the greatest vacations you can take that is both relaxing and allows you to disconnect while seeing America’s Best Idea. It’s also quite different from Walt Disney World in terms of experience.

You could also travel to New York and spend more than the cost of theme park tickets seeing shows and visiting points of interest, pay $250/night for adequate accommodations, $75/night for parking, and an exorbitant amount eating at some of America’s best restaurants.