21 Unknown Facts That Disney Lovers Don’t Know

The iconic mouse is known everywhere in the world as the defining figure of Disney, summing up everything that’s magical about it. In fact, many writers who have brought to life the humble mouse and called him Walt Disney’s “other self” have said so.

He is revered by many, with some claiming that he “represents the world of animation.” According to a poll, he was more recognizable than Santa Claus. He holds a lot of weight – not just in animation, but also for inventing the notion behind Disney’s magic.

Mickey Mouse will celebrate his 90th birthday this year, and we’ve gathered some facts about him that you might – or may not – know.

1. Mickey’s debut

Mickey Mouse through the ages

Mickey Mouse through the ages ( Image: Walt Disney)

In November 1928, Mickey Mouse made his debut in Steamboat Willie at the Colony Theatre in New York City, becoming the first cartoon with synchronized sound. Walt Disney provided Mickey’s squeaky noises for this film.

2. He nearly wasn’t called Mickey

Walt Disney originally wanted to name Mickey Mortimer Mouse, but he changed his mind after his spouse Lillian pointed out that it was too “arrogant” and suggested a name that was more modest and enjoyable.