30 Women of Color Share Their Most Personal Natural Hair Stories

Nigella Miller is a New York City-based natural hair and beauty expert with over 13 years of expertise.

Natural Hair Expert

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We’re continuing to commemorate the beauty of Black Joy and all of the hope and change it implies throughout February in celebration of Black History Month. Join us as we amplify Black voices and explore the goods, customs, and persons leading the way in personal essays, deep-dives into history and culture.

Embedded within each braid, curl, loc, and strand is a sacred narrative for women of color—and even though it’s only hair, there’s much more to it than meets the eye. Strangers who don’t share our story frequently overlook this tale. People are frequently enthralled by the great variety of Black hair, which leads to unwarranted interest. Their miseducation often invites ignorant inquiries and discriminatory treatment that may harm our self-esteem and personal development.

Those who are less aware of the subject would be startled to learn that black women’s hair is not a thing. Our ancestral origins are bound in whatever style we select, yet it does not define our humanity.

Many women of color have personal hair experiences. Whether they’re the result of a crass question or a partial remark, they’re far too frequent. Our situations are generally unspoken and discussed only among our own sister groups. I wanted to shed light on our experiences, rather than keep them hidden. We received an overwhelmingly positive number of responses from women who were eager to share their experiences with us.

Read on for 30 of the most powerful natural hair stories below.