5 Things Men Find Sexy In Women

The list of physical features men find sexy in women is as long as the list of ice cream flavors: vanilla, rocky road, cookies and cream, caramel macchiato. Regardless of color or flavor preference, there are some universal features that every guy swoons over. Here are five things men think make a woman super sexy:

1. Long hair

2. Legs

3. A sense of humor

4. A confident attitude

5. Nice knees

In fact, most guys like long hair on just about any woman. It’s an immediately sexy feature that can be tamed to be more glamorous or sexier depending on how it is worn. Of course, you aren’t required to wear your hair long – but it’s worth a try if you want men to think you’re super sexy.

Just remember, if you decide you do want to grow out your hair for your searching for Mr. Right, be prepared to deal with their disapproving comments about your decision.

Men who want to keep things simple like women that are sexy but not too sexy also appreciate a girl’s legs. Whether you’re wearing jeans, a sundress or an evening gown, what you wear above the knee can be all the difference between a guy thinking you’re hot and considering you only fair as an arm candy.

But this isn’t just all leg for men who prefer more than just a lap dancer on their arm. If he likes your legs, he’ll also have some words of appreciation for how long they actually are and if that long hair is the real thing – not for show.

So what about a sense of humor? Are men going to find funny women sexy? According to most guys, the answer is yes. Men who appreciate a sexy woman tend to like how funny she is and how effortless it is for her to strike up a conversation with them.

If you have your own sense of humor – even if it’s sarcastic or lighthearted – make sure you show it off to your potential suitors.

Finally, there are the men out there who know when they’ve found the right woman for them (and their wallets) when they see her confident and unapologetic attitude about herself. This goes hand in hand with a sense of humor because you can’t be funny if you’re too shy to deliver your jokes or if you’re afraid to stand up for your beliefs.

Of course, if you don’t like being teased, be sure to tell the guy off before he gets too far with his comments. If he gets really nasty, it’s probably best to leave the bar or club immediately and avoid him in the future.

Whatever it is that makes men think a woman is super sexy – share these traits with your guy friends and see what they have to say.

To sum it up, men want to date a girl who is fun, confident, can laugh at themselves and who doesn’t care if her hair is long or short. And if she’s funny – even better.

So with the exception of nice knees, all these things are quite beneficial in creating a healthy relationship with a guy. So go ahead ladies and try these out!