12 Reasons Why Your Man Is The Most Important Person In Your Life

When you have a family you need to balance being a husband, father and time for yourself. So which is most important of the three.

As a man the most important element of your life is Time for Yourself. This is an unpopular opinion but you have to understand that you matter. You are the Rock and the Foundation of your family and as you continue to read you will discover why I believe this.

1. The Man is the foundation

There is a lot of responsibility that come with being a man. The world doesn’t want to admit how important we are to the operation of the world. So if we are that important to the world that means you are the most important person in your home.

If this true you have to make sure you keep yourself strong because you have to manage balancing so much. This means if you are weak the family will suffer because the foundation that holds them up is shaky.