How Much Does a Disney World Vacation Cost in 2022?

This breaks down 2022 Walt Disney World vacation prices for park tickets, hotels, dining, transportation & more. It answers the question of how much visiting WDW costs to help you avoid sticker shock & plan within your budget. It also explains why prices have increased by thousands of dollars in the last two years.

This is a difficult problem to tackle. Even with hypotheticals, it’s impossible to nail down the exact price for every scenario. There are a lot of additional factors beyond the scope of this article that influence pricing: Lightning Lanes & Genie+ v. stand-by only? Rental car and free parking vs Mears Connect airport shuttle?

We’ll save you time by looking at price ranges for important aspects of visiting Walt Disney World, coming up with totals based on those, and allowing you to extrapolate for your own findings based on that knowledge. Given that the most common surprise that readers express to us via comments and emails is cost, this is an issue worth discussing, even if we can’t provide any hard numbers for every possibility…