If You Answer No To This Question Your Wife Needs Help

So have you ever asked yourself this question. Man why is my girl so crazy. What’s wrong with her?

The problem she is having is submitting and you are clashing with her because her feminine energy doesn’t know what to do. But that is ok because I will tell you in this article what you need to do in order to help her fix that problem within herself.

If your woman did not have this critical factor in her life while growing up she will probably have a few deep dark issues that she will bring into your relationship.

If she did not have a father in her life growing up. Get Her Some Help!

I’m not saying that to be comedic but it is very serious. She is suffering from what I like to call PTNDAD that stands for Post Traumatic No Daddy Around Disorder. She needs help because she didn’t undergo the natural develop of life.

In nature we see that a bird knows how to fly because the mother bird taught her how to fly. Just like in nature a woman should see her mother submit to the essence of her father. But just like the bird if the mother doesn’t teach her how to fly how could we expect the bird to know how to fly.

Being submissive to your man is a beautiful role to have and when you operate in the true essence of being a submissive wife your life will change and become so much better. Most modern  women will say that I will be a submissive woman when my man becomes a Masculine man.

That sounds good on the surface but that question alone proves that you have a problem being submissive. Because if you make that statement, you are admitting that you are not submissive. So let’s just focus on you right now.

Her natural flow of life has been interrupted

In nature if a bird never fly’s we know that there is something wrong. In life when a woman’s feminine energy doesn’t naturally submit to masculine energy something is clearly wrong. The natural flow of life did not happen for her.

The natural flow of life is:

  • Mommy and Daddy have baby girl.
  • Baby girl see mommy treat daddy with love, respect and cooperation.
  • Baby girl treat her husband like mommy treated her husband.

If your wife never saw what it looks like for her mother to be submissive to her father then she will not know how to be submissive to you. She has absolutely no idea what it is. She is afraid of it and she runs from it or worse…

The masculine energy of her man can make her feel intimidated.

One of the reasons why you clash a lot with your spouse is because the energy is not balanced. These modern day women bring too much masculine energy to the relationship.

If she was not raised with her father in her life, she has no idea how to submit to the “Man of The House” when he makes tough decisions. She only saw mommy make all the tough choices growing up, so she only knows how to do what she saw mommy do.

She needs to be apart of every decision because the masculine energy that her mother needed to use in order to survive she thinks she needs that in her relationship. She needs to understand that it is safe to submit to your decisions.

Her Challenging Your Authority Goes Against Nature

Feminine energy is suppose to yield to masculine energy and work with it and help it accomplish the vision. But instead if your woman is constantly challenging your position as the leader, something is clearly wrong because it is violating the laws of nature.

Think of a lioness, it always submits to the authority of the tribal leader the male lion. The female lions can hunt and do everything else on their own but she still submits to the Male Lion.

Your woman does not need you and that is a good thing. So hopefully she is with you because she wants to be there. That means her natural flow should be to submit to your masculine energy and not to challenge it.

So clearly there is something wrong with your wife and she needs help. But what type of help does she need…

She needs therapy

Your woman probably needs therapy, especially if she is suffering from PTNDAD (Post Traumatic No Daddy Around Disorder) and there is only one way to express this to her. And that is to say it too her directly.

You have zero time to waste because she needs help. There are different tactics that you can use in order to accomplish this and I will discuss that in another article. Even if she doesn’t take action she is at least now aware that she needs help.

This will be a shocking news to her as well because ain’t nobody ever told her before that her crap stank. When you lived your entire life and no one has ever told you that you were wrong, you start to believe that you are perfect and can do no wrong.

Ladies Reading This…

Ladies who just so happen to stumble across this content might be upset with what they read and if your first reaction to any previous subject was always “but men can do this”… There is a clear sign that something is wrong because you are deflecting from dealing with your issues.

Of course we have our issues that we have to deal with also but if you constantly find yourself deflecting and dodging issues that you face just maybe you need some help.