Mom Uses ‘Myspace’ to Track Daughter’s Killer

True crime Netflix doc Why Did You Kill Me

The most recent genuine wrongdoing Netflix narrative, Why Did You Kill Me?, will send a shudder down your spine. It recounts the account of 24-year-old Crystal Theobald’s ruthless homicide as the consequence of a 2006 drive-by posse shooting in California. Which isolates this doc separated from others are the occasions that followed the shooting. Theobald’s mom, Belinda Lane, collaborated with her niece and made different phony Myspace records to discover individuals answerable for her daughter’s passing.

Basically, this genuine wrongdoing Netflix narrative looks at how far one mom will go in a journey to address her daughter’s homicide. It’s anything but a blend of meetings with relatives, cops, and gangsters—and in the trailer we as of now see looks at pressure among Lane and law authorization. The takeaway, it appears, is that the individual generally enthusiastic in settling a wrongdoing is now and again the individual who’s been generally harmed by that wrongdoing.