The Truth Why do women cheat?

Why do women cheat?

There is a common misconception that only men cheat on their partners and women are faithful. The simple truth is that women cheat as men do. Several reasons lead to women cheating on their partners. This article highlights some of the leading factors to women cheating.

  • Low self-esteem: when women struggle with low self-worth, their moods lead them to any available source of consolation. Seeking external attention leads the woman to cheat while finding meaning in her life. The cycle continues one after the other because cheating does not offer a long-term solution to problems.
  • Emotional starvation: women may cheat because they are eager or crave respect, adoration, support, or any other connection that is missing in the current engagement. As compared to me, who are motivated to cheat by sex, women are controlled mainly by the emotional quest.
  • Express for anger and revenge: women who enter into a relationship with a specific expectation from the spouse mostly cheat if the expectation is not met. They cheat to express their anger. Besides, others cheat to revenge against a past affair that the spouse had engaged in.
  • Sexual deprivation: one of the frequently experienced in many marriages is that the urge for intimacy between married fades with time in a relationship. This is because people become used to each other, and women who cheat seek to revive their hallmarks of relationships. Besides, they may aim to end their sexual hunger.
  • ·Loneliness: women who cheat may either have spouses who work long hours or are engaged in a long-distance relationship. The sense of isolation leads women to seek external companionship outside the usual relationship, which ultimately causes them to cheat.
  • Experience: a woman who has grown in a household where parents cheat would perceive it as an everyday activity. They might not be able to uphold honesty in a formal engagement, and thus they cheat to fulfill their desires.
  • Mid-life crisis: these are crises that occur as women try to unfold their potential. The social expectation can put pressure on women and, if not controlled, can lead to cheating. They may act out of character as they try to make up time lost and thus engage in cheating in search of love and happiness.
  • Availability of the opportunity: Women who cheat do so because the chance has emerged from a workmate or someone from your social circles. Women are more active on the internet and social sites; these sites act as avenues for affairs.
  • Drug and substance abuse: women who take drugs may make an impaired judgment and end up cheating without their knowledge. Some drugs impair the brain’s normal function and thus cannot differentiate what is good or bad.
  • Peer pressure from friends. If a woman has friends who are already cheating on their spouses, she will also be forced to prove her loyalty. Besides, they may compete to show their supremacy in attracting men.
  • Women may cheat due to economic and financial situations. Women, especially those with kids, may cheat to make money to meet the expenditures at the household level, especially when the husband is irresponsible.