Why do Women live longer than Men?


If we tried to carry out research on people’s longevity even simply using the support of Wikipedia, we would immediately realize an irrefutable fact: of the hundred oldest people currently existing on the whole planet of which we know, only very few are men and all the others are women. For some time this truth had been revealed not only within the human race but also in the animal race, for example by talking about mammals, fish or insects.

It is well known that women live longer than men: the reason for a “gap” that, in industrialized countries, reaches more than 9 years has been the subject of various studies.

Among the reasons, some research conducted by an Australian university has identified the structure of female mitochondrial DNA, which is more resistant than male DNA to the genetic mutations responsible for the aging process.

The reason for this disparity in ‘life time’ could be attributed in part, as some researchers at the University of New South Wales in Sydney claim, to the sex chromosomes; in fact, it seems that, following some studies on various species of animals, it has been concluded that some specimens with identical sex chromosomes live on average almost 20% more than those who instead possess a pair of different chromosomes.

How chromosomes affect a person’s longevity

That being born with a pair of identical chromosomes affects the longevity of species was already more or less known, but why is this so? One of the hypotheses, the most ‘biological’ if we can say so, is that having a chromosomal pair of different gender (XY) makes the individual or animal in question more vulnerable to genetic mutations, and this certainly leads to a life more stressed and shorter.

Three Australian biologists who studied this theme discovered that all mammals, most insects, and many other species have one pair of XY chromosomes, while butterflies, reptiles, and some bird families have a different chromosomal pair called ZW, in which the Z chromosome is larger and has more genes, thus directly affecting their longevity as it is less deteriorated and stressed than the Y type.

The immune system

Another factor that, to the detriment of gender equality, favors women is the greater effectiveness of their immune system, which is linked to dynamics relating to sex hormones: female defenses against pathologies and bacterial infections are enhanced by the production of estrogen able to inhibit the gene responsible for inflammation due to pathogenic microorganisms.

Cardiovascular pathologies

The exposure of males to cardiovascular diseases, which are currently one of the main causes of mortality, is much higher, especially between the end of the stage of maturity and the beginning of old age. Also in this case, women are naturally more protected, and therefore live longer than men, because they intervene in their favorable hormonal mechanisms that are active throughout the fertility period, which fail only with menopause. Hypertension, hypotension, ischemic heart disease, stroke, heart attacks: men were at the forefront of this unequal battle, with serious consequences on life expectancy.

Greater resolution capacity

The reasons for the difference in longevity between the two sexes are not limited to strictly biological ones, but also include other factors. Women, who, it is pointed out, today live a reality that is often more complex than men have a greater capacity to deal with different problems and carry out multiple burdens at the same time. This is why ladies tolerate stress better than males, who suffer more from its negative effects on psychophysical health.

Women are more inclined to live healthy lives

To explain the advantage of fair sex there is another element of a psychological-character type, whose importance is far from secondary even if it is difficult to scientifically analyze: women live longer also because they are more attentive than men to body care, health and diet! Generally, it can also be observed how along the journey of life women have a healthier behavior than men: they consume less tobacco, less alcohol, in many cases they follow a ‘Mediterranean diet’ based on vegetables and for this reason they suffer much less from obesity problems.

They are less prone to excesses in drinking and smoking as well as more cautious and reflective. That smoking is an exclusively male vice is excluded. Unfortunately, this is a very bad habit that affects both men and women. However, there is a reality of numbers that speaks for itself. Men smoke much more than women and among the deaths between the ages of 50 and 70, smoking reigns supreme.

Women live for more years, but with health problems

Women have an average life expectancy of about 85/86 years, unlike men who average around 80/81; however, we must recognize that they reach this goal in slightly more disastrous and precarious health conditions than what occurs in men who, despite seeing their maximum age limit arrive 5 or 6 years earlier, arrive in better conditions.

Living with a woman with a strong character extends the life of men

Researchers from the University of Michigan, in the United States, have found that being together with a woman with a predominant character helps to live longer and even in better health! During the various phases of these studies, about 1200 married couples were monitored on a sample basis, and various tests were also carried out in groups; what it turns out is that a strict wife makes sure that you do not get into all those unhealthy habits that you would grow fond of if she weren’t there to watch.

The reasons for the strength of the “weaker sex” are therefore mainly genetic and only partly referable to the diversity of lifestyles between the sexes. The adaptation of the latter, in fact, has recently reduced the difference in life expectancy between the two genders but not canceled: women still live longer than men for reasons that, in all probability, must be included in the natural mechanism of safeguarding the species.

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